Back From Kenya…some funny stories to help me get writing

There’s a lot to say and still more to process. But I wanted to begin putting things down. So here goes. I’ll start with the light and humorous things first.

Some interesting and unexpected things that happened on this trip:

1.) I ate the BEST Korean Kimchi (pickled cabbage) in my entire life at […]

A difficult question with a new metric

So with the help of two very committed people (thanks L. and J.!), we’ve finished helping Wolfgang Simson with editing the final 1/4 or so of his e-book, The Starfish Manifesto. Click here for the pre-edited version, and type “ok” when prompted for the password.

In it, I stumbled across a great series of questions: […]

“I (heart) Narnia”

I want a bumper sticker that says, “I (heart) Narnia.” I’ve been reading the Chronicles of Narnia again–mostly because I’ve been housebound, caring for my son who just had a T & A (doctor-speak for tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy, but doesn’t “T & A” sound cooler and less painful?). I always have a one-person mini-revival meeting […]

Reflections from Kenya – the big picture and lessons learned (this is long)

We’re back now from Dadaab. Where do I even begin? I can talk about the personal, quirky stuff like my three dozen mosquito bites and my wrestling match with a praying mantis late at night on the outdoor toilet, but I will let you read about that in the chronicles to proceed.

So […]