“Mommy, you can trust the path!”

Last week we took our boys to a beautiful prayer labyrinth at The Mercy Center in Burlingame, CA.

It was a holy time. And the Lord spoke much to us through the process of walking the labyrinth itself. The message can be summed up as follows: “Long is the road ahead, but step by […]

Reflections on the last few days in Istanbul: what in the world happened to the Church?

So Leslie and I have been in Istanbul for three days now, and it’s been a fun but sobering experience. It’s always fun to travel abroad and experience new foods, culture and people — especially without the responsibilities of caring for young children. But as a student of movements and global mission, I am deeply […]

Am really enjoying Malcolm Gladwell’s The Tipping Point: How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference

I am reading this book for an Independent Study I’m doing with Bakke Graduate School, and I am enjoying this on a few levels.

First off, he’s an excellent writer. After years of reading bad writers as a philosophy major and an MDiv and ThM student, it’s nice to read someone who is interesting and […]

The power of simple obedience

Bob Roberts, pastor of Northwood Church, one of the few American megachurches deeply committed to church planting movements across the world, had some nice quotes I found off his blog:

— Every big thing has always started from simple obedience.

— God puts something on my heart. I start moving my feet forward and crazy […]