Our journey into rediscovering Apostolic and Prophetic foundations – part 1

It’s been said among those in our organic movement: if you want good answers, you need to ask good questions. In our journey out of inherited evangelical culture and conventional pastoral ministry, there were a slew of good questions with which God had us wrestle (for a fuller set of the questions we asked, you […]

Concerning Women (part 1): Reframing the Question

What does it mean to be a woman?

Much ink has been spilled in answer to this question. During my seminary years, I spent a lot of time reading up on what evangelical Christians in particular had to say concerning women. Interestingly, the question at this time had much less to […]

A birthday gift for Jesus

We were spending time in front of the Christmas tree a few nights ago with the kids, and we asked them what gift Jesus would like from them for his birthday. You can picture three cherubs, calmly reposing with quiet meditation written across their faces. But that would be a Hallmark card and not my […]

Fully known

One of my spiritual fathers was recently teaching me about the importance of severe self-examination in spiritual development. He soon came to know that I am WAY too versed in the art of severe self-examination, emphasis on “severe.” I have a history of being a brow-beater. I don’t know who coined that phrase, but it […]

I kissed traditional pastoral ministry good-bye – an explanation of why I am leaving pastoral ministry for the sake of mission in the future

Note well: it would be easy to conclude from this post title that I did not enjoy the last eight years at the church we planted, baylight church community. This is FAR from the truth. This post is in no way a slight to my spiritual family here. It is actually a testimony to their […]