“Doing,” “Running,” and “Being” Church

So today marks the second Sunday where I wasn’t “going to,” “doing” or “running” church [as we know it] since we left pastoral ministry in the Bay area and moved to Arizona, and it’s a weird feeling. Last Sunday morning, I hung out at a cafe with Dez1 and Bryce , talked about pioneer journey […]

Some great perspective on church planting and “first things”

Lately, the Lord has been teaching us the foolishness in clinging to methods and strategy that worked in the past and in searching for the “silver bullet” that, when properly discovered and employed, will vanquish any foe.

Here is some great perspective along those lines from a mentor of mine in seminary, Marty Schoenleber:

January […]

Protected: Globe Journal – The first few days…

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Protected: Prayer update 01/10/10 – prayer for protection from sickness

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T minus 7 days

I can’t believe we are one week out from moving to Globe. I feel mixed, like cake batter. A cup of grief, three teaspoons of anticipation, and a dash of joy. But mostly, I feel dazed. I feel like someone pushed the fast forward button, and I can’t keep up with it all. Times with […]

Our journey into rediscovering Apostolic and Prophetic foundations – part 2

In my last post, we painted in broad strokes a picture of a church that is missing key foundational pieces in its development. With this post, we want to start filling in some color: just what has the church been missing over the last two millennia?

Here are some gaping holes we see in today’s […]