Two interesting interviews on 0rganic Church

Keith Giles interviews Neil C0le and Frank Vi0la on their different takes on organic church.

It is very illuminating. It can be found here and here.

And for the record, I’m in greater agreement with what C0le writes than Vi0la.

Discipleship and Two Apocalyptic Movies: The Ro@d and The B00k 0f Eli

I’ve always been fascinated by Apocalyptic movies both good and bad: The M@d Max series, Esc@pe from New York, The M@trix trilogy, W@terworld, Ae0n Flux, The Childr3n of Men, and even the British B-flick R3ign of Fire. I’ve seen them all.

But I’ve lately been watching with greater interest: 2012, Terminat0r: S@lvation, The R0ad and […]