A damning Kierkeg@ard quote that I wish was not true

This is from Soren Kierkeg@ard, who was a lone prophetic voice railing against Christendom and the false disciples it made. He did not live long, but he, for good reason, is constantly quoted by secular philosophers (as a profound early existentialist) as well as Christian luminaries like Richard F0ster, Dallas Wil1ard, and Ravi Zach@rias. Below […]

Some super insightful thoughts from Ralph Winter on the fragmentation of families and American Church life

I got these quotes from John White’s blog, and it’s pretty darn good — especially considering that it is coming from Ralph Winter (recently past missions guru who started the U.S. Center for World Missions in Pasadena and was the editor of of Mission Frontiers). Winter’s thoughts are worth reading to help us better diagnose […]