Less talk, more do for heaven’s sake

We in the West have become masters of talk and masters of idea-swapping — treating them as if they were quotes from a sacred text that have a special power of their own. We tweet and fb post them — shooting them off into cyberspace as fast as our thumbs will let us. And we […]

Good video on the six components of a “Kingdom”

Here is a an insightful little video by Wolfgang Simson on the six components of a kingdom and how the Kingdom of God expresses each one. As a non-American, he has an interesting, geo-political view of the Kingdom that is void of the glaring weaknesses of our American version of Christianity.

Wolfgang Simson on the […]

Yet again, this subject does not go away.

While surfing facebook posts, I came across one that seemed to entirely miss the point of the post it was commenting on:

Original post: NT leadership qualifications do not include seminary training or a degree in theology, but issues of character and lifestyle.

On this point, I heart and soul agree. But then comes the […]