An interesting point from 0rganic Church Greenh0use Trainings

I was reminded by two good friends here in Gl0be about this illuminating chart that explains key differences between 0rganic and attractional churches:


Cultivating Sowing Tending Growing Harvesting

Att. Churches: Passive Passive Active Active Passive

Org. Churches: Active Active Passive Passive Active


Whether or not 0rganic churches and o.c. leaders follow the […]

Interesting post by Skye Jethan1 on the longterm sustainability of megachurches

You can find it here. While mega(now giga!)churches are easy targets, the information Jethan1 discusses is worth listening to for organized, attractional churches on the whole. There are some serious sustainability issues they face — and even now are facing with the downturn of the economy.

I believe God is speaking with this financial crisis, […]