Availability + “Randomness”

We live in a day of CONTROL. The tendency of institutions, individuals, organizations, leaders, and even everyday people is to overcontrol— people, relationships, money, time, systems, rights, and even spirituality. This is not new to the technocratic societies in which we live. This is ancient: seen in the the Garden of Eden (“Creation 1.0”) and […]

Reaping what American Churches Have Sown…

Bad theology yield bad values. Bad values yield bad choices. Bad choices yield bad consequences. We are beginning to see the consequences on a macro-level. Hopefully, this will help these churches reshape, regroup, and rethink why they exist and how they should accordingly spend God’s resources they are to steward.


taken from http://www.denverpost.com/news/ci_20204117/more-churches-face-foreclosure-debts-that-fall-beyond