Follow Jesus into what exactly?

Mark Twain is alleged to have said that it’s not the parts of the Bible that he doesn’t understand that gives him problems; it’s the parts of the Bible that he does understand. That’s how I feel about the life and teachings of Jesus. The real Jesus of the Scriptures consistently prevents me from personally […]

The new Pew Religion Survey results are in …

I was reading the newspaper and found that the results of the lastest religion in America survey have been posted here. I don’t know if anything categorically new is in it, but the trend of the growing amount of unaffiliated continues. Having lived in the West coast for the last 11.5 years, I’m not surprised. […]

Interesting article on “spiritual but not religious” and an interesting use of it by an organized/legacy church pastor [followed by a rabbit-trail on why I’m not a church reformer]

There is an article floating around cyberspace by religion blogger, Alan Miller, here called “My Take: ‘I’m Spiritual but not Religious’ is a cop-out.” * At first glance, he seems to make a decent point here that criticizes the me-centeredness and the lack of critical thinking on the part of [especially] young people who have […]