Another look at the Transfiguration story and how it relates to discipleship

Luke 9:28-36 – The Transfiguration

28 About eight days after Jesus said this, he took Peter, John and James with him and went up onto a mountain to pray.29 As he was praying, the appearance of his face changed, and his clothes became as bright as a flash of lightning.30 Two men, Moses and […]

Self-identity shift: from “church planter” to a disciple — musings on Thanksgiving Day 2012

I think I spent my 30s using the label “church planter” as the main source of my vocational/spiritual self-identity. My “call” into it began with God literally talking to me and telling me to plant a church with a seminary colleague who I didn’t know very well at the time, Ted (Ted later became closer […]

Discipleship thoughts (part 3) — Discipling is always happening — whether we know it or even want it.

(The verbal processing continues!)

In my previous post, I made the case that discipleship is more caught than it is taught, and the means by which it is caught has always been and continues to be truly transformed people who embody what the gospel is all about. They not only have the power of the […]

Discipleship thoughts (part 2) — Discipleship is more caught than taught — caught from truly transformed PEOPLE.

I’ve been thinking about discipleship a lot in since I officially left pastoral ministry three years ago. It has forced me to consider how to make disciples without any title, any program, any extra resources, any new fangled model, and the like. Stripped away from these trappings, I have had to consider wine and wineskin […]

Discipleship, not church structure

Foundational Thought: Discipleship is more important as a question topic than church structure and practice.

Perhaps it’s because we, Westerners, are so pragmatic. I’m not sure why. I just know that anyone who is a decision-maker or person of influence in a church is always asking about church structure in some form or fashion: who’s […]

Can rich people be model Kingdom citizens? The Beatitudes as written by Luke — taking another look at the “poor” vs. “poor in spirit”

After a long period of time in the Psalms, I’m turning to Luke’s gospel. I recall learning in seminary that Luke had an attention to detail that was not present in the other gospel writers. He recounts many stories about people who don’t fit the religious paradigm of the day that believed some version of […]