Interesting new read by a friend of mine: “We Need a Completely Different Kind of Education”

differenteducation-300x300So I helped edit a book for a young gentleman who has some bold and innovative thoughts on education as it pertains to Kingdom living. His name is Jan Simson, son of Wolfgang and Mercy Simson.  Jan is a young German entrepreneur who has skipped out on college, has travelled the world, and is starting a business.  He has embraced his responsibility to not be a cog in the wheel of marketplace and institution and to instead be a producer who creates instead of consumes.  He refuses to live a dull and uninteresting life, like too many young people are being told they must do.

If you’re looking for some fresh thoughts from a young man who understands that following Jesus must extend to his decision on whether or not to go to college (an uncritically-examined given in most of the circles I’ve walked in), Jan’s book is worth a read.  He takes many of the principles from Wolfgang’s Starfish Manifesto, contextualizes them to young people, and extends them into the realm of college, career, and creativity.

Many of you know that I’m not really into merely knowing more stuff through christian books.  Information dissemination through books is not powerful for life change, and most books only skim the surface. This one is of a completely different variety.  Jan’s book is an anti-book of sorts.  I’m all for something that challenges young people to not just think differently but make life-altering choices that will set them on completely different trajectories. And he is practicing what he is preaching.  So when he asked me to write the forward for his book, I gladly said yes — even though I’ve never written a book forward before in my life!

Check it out if you get a chance. Here is his Facebook post that announces the release of his book: Friends, my long awaited book, “We Need a Completely Different Kind of Education,” is now finally available on I also created a Facebook page for the company, Simson Media, and we’re on Twitter as well: Also, if you’d like a signed copy, send me a message. THANKS!




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