Helpful Resources

Here is a list of helpful resources that we have used, read, written, edited, recorded or stumbled across earlier in our journey when information intake was helpful in making sense of where we were going and when Mike’s primary self-designation was church planter.  Things have changed for us since then, but that does not change the usefulness of these resources for the disciple who lacks a personal relationship with anyone who has gone on the organic journey.  For anyone interested in reaching the lost and who is looking for answers in any way, shape, or form on a new kind of wineskin, these resources remain helpful.  

Resource Sites:

  • I must mention my friend Curti$ $ergeant’s site.  His stuff is proven and tested in China, India, Indonesia, and Africa, to name a few.  Curtis was training the fastest growing “church” network leaders in China during the 90’s before heading to Saddleback to help Rick W@rren come up with the global mission piece of the Peace Plan.  The highest compliment I can pay Curtis is that he obeys God — even when it hurts.
  • David W@tson’s site has first rate apostolic church planting training from a guy who may have seen the most prolific church planting movement globally in North India — multiplication even to the 10th generation.   I’ve sat under his training, and it’s really good — although a bit formulaic and inorganic.
  • Another site he and his son, Paul, do is the church planter roundtable.   Some great blog posts of trainings they’ve done, and some really excellent inductive bible study stuff here that they use to train disciples and church planters.  Caution though: do not treat these I.B.S.s as a silver bullet (which Watson and company just fall short of doing).
  • Church Multiplication Associates has this voluminous page of free and interesting articles on life and ministry from an organic and missional perspective.  There is no lack of stuff in here by the members of their Eph. 4:11 team (Neil C0le, Dez1 B@ker, Ed W@ken, Phil Helfer, and Paul Kaak) and by friends of the movement.  Neil, Ed, and Dezi were instrumental guides for us in our journey.
  • Here is a site with some George P@tterson resources.  G.P. is the grand daddy of reproducible missions who mentored Neil.
  • Here is a site with a large list of simple church planting downloads.  It has stuff by R0land Allen, Vict0r Ch0udrie, Brian H0gan, Ge0rge P@tterson, and Bill Smith to name a few.  Overall, some pretty frontline mission stuff in here.
  • Here are some old issues of W0lfgng $imson’s Friday Fax.      This is some of the most creative thought out there  on Kingdom living.   Some other stuff of his can be found here.  He has some of the best intellectual/theological handle of anyone I know on the Apostolic and Prophetic working together in the Kingdom.  Not everyone agrees lock, stock, and barrel with the things he says and the way he says them, but he forces you to ask the right questions.
  • T0ny and Felicity D@le also have a good site on  They have a list of some featured blogs here.  They are also UBER-networked in the simple church world, so they regularly send out interesting articles and have some regular bloggers on, but more important than their network is the fact that they have been on this journey for a long time and proven themselves.
  • Jim Rutz, who has been affectionately dubbed the “Granddaddy” of house church in America”  has an interesting article he posted a while back that eventually fed into his impressive book, MegaShift.  The article is here.  He is a very good writer and easy to read.
  • Here is a great article by Eric Swanson of Leadership Network: 10 Paradigm Shifts: How churches are impacting their communities with the good deeds and good news of the gospel. I don’t know Eric, but it is an exceptional piece that is especially friendly to those in conventional/organized churches.
  • Here is a great article by Tim Lewis (in the Strategy division of MF) in Missions Frontier that describes how they ended up changing their missionary church planting approach to plant churches more organically and simply.  Interestingly, they discovered it was more biblical and more fruitful in Muslim cultures.  It’s worth a read.
  • Marc van der Woude produces Joel News International — which is an e-zine on stuff God is doing around the world.  It is a lot more encouraging than other global updates like Voice of the Martyrs.   For a small cost, you can subscribe here.

Works we’ve helped edit:

  • The Starfish Manifesto by W0lfgang $imson — final edits made: latest version 10/09.  Password is “ok” which means you agree to its terms and conditions written in “read this first.”  That I know of, this may be the only functional link to it now.  I’m not sure why Wolf pulled it down.

Papers we’ve written:

  • “Turn the Receiver on: The Mission-Critical Role of Spiritual Intelligence in Kingdom Warfare” by Mike Kim — a 50 page paper written for my D. Min. class in India for Bakke Graduate University.  In it, I attempt to show the close parallel between listening to and obeying God (what I describe as gathering “spiritual intelligence”) and missionary fruitfulness in the ministry of Jesus, the early disciples and the early church.  I also tell some stories of groups that are doing ministry this way and the amazing things they are seeing happen around them.
  • “Something Old, Something New: Apostolic Ministry for the 21st Century” — a 60 page paper written for a B.G.U. independent study facilitated by Curtis $ergeant.  It represents my synthesis [as well as some much needed verbal processing!] of what God has been teaching me in regard to what an “apostle” is and does.  Veering away from the Pentecostal glamorization of apostles as people in positional authority and the C.P.M. glamorization of apostles as evangelists/church-planters on steroids, this is an attempt to recalibrate apostleship in the life, pattern, and teachings of Jesus, the lead apostle.  The functional definition found within: An apostle is a spiritual mother or father sent out like Jesus with the authoritative presence of Jesus for the expansion of Jesus’ Kingdom on earth as it is in heaven.

Audio files/Interviews of three organic church planters we recorded:

  • These are interviews we did of three of the most prolific simple church planters in our church planting fellowships —  and quite possibly in the Bay area as well.   They saw 5th generation churches multiplying in a short period of time here — something that doesn’t happen in the States.  These were the brothers with whom we planted churches right after we started our journey post-Organic Church.  You can find the link to their stories and lessons learned.

Download MP3 recordings of: Bay Area Harvest Workers: “Danny’s Story” Bay Area Harvest Workers: “Bill’s Story” Bay Area Harvest Workers: “Ross’ Story” Bay Area Harvest Workers: “Reflections on ‘What Now?'”: (Part 1 of 2) (Part 2 of 2)

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