Interesting thought on community

Our friend, Curtis Sergeant, wrote this a few weeks ago in his metacamp blog, and it caught my attention.

Love can build or destroy community, depending on its object. One who loves the dream of an ideal community will destroy it; one who loves those around them will build it.

I will let you go […]

Les Miserables — a powerful reminder of what Christianity should concern itself with.

[This is a post I started but never finished after watching Les Mis in early January. I decided to finish it after a chapel in which our church community prayed for people we knew (a rape victim and a newborn baby that stopped breathing on its own for a few hours) and prepared for the […]

T minus 7 days

I can’t believe we are one week out from moving to Globe. I feel mixed, like cake batter. A cup of grief, three teaspoons of anticipation, and a dash of joy. But mostly, I feel dazed. I feel like someone pushed the fast forward button, and I can’t keep up with it all. Times with […]

Real Deal Love

As a young warrior, a young(ish) woman of God (1 John 2:12-14), I am still giving an inordinate amount of focus on how I am going to use my gifts and what I am going to accomplish for God’s Kingdom. And so I’ve been deeply convicted and impressed by my meditations on love in 1 […]

Musings on organic spirituality: what this world needs is more people who are passionately in love

I first got my ear bent to this idea when in conversation with my friend, Dezi B@ker (Mr. Organic Spirituality himself). But as I have pondered this more in my preparation for what I want to share with some Kenyan refugees this week, I think there is something deeply profound and directional in there.

I […]