Beyond Organic, Theologically Speaking: Disciplemaking for a different time 


The entry point for many in the Organic Church movement has been either missiology (how to plant the most churches?) or ecclesiology (what is the church and how does she function?). They are the intellectual/theological frameworks in which a person makes sense of his/her life experience out of organized religion and into a community, […]

What place does MOVEMENT play in organic spirituality, community, and movements?

I stumbled upon an interesting quote I don’t recall reading before from Blaise Pascal – either that or I’m more keenly aware of the profundity of it 20 some years later:

“Our nature consists in movement; absolute rest is death.”

We know not much about the context of this since he often wrote isolated aphorisms […]

Beyond Luke 10: Heretical Reflections from Someone Nine Years into the Journey

I took the proverbial Red Pill nine years ago: quit the “full time” ministry job as a pastor of a church we planted in the SF Bay area, left behind organized church and evangelical culture, stopped reading every insightful book that would come out, resisted becoming a conference junkie, and stepped into a world that […]

Is Paul our only example of apostolic gifting? and some personal thoughts on my so-called apostolic journey

When you put it like that, OF COURSE NOT! But our imagination is not so large; is it? Almost all of the missional or church-planting books that have captured our attention in the last 60 years (60 because Roland Allen wrote in the mid 1900s) have all featured Paul as the primary example (If not […]

Six years after taking the “red pill”… four points of advice from my future self

It’s been six years now since we started the journey into God’s organic nature. There is so much to say and so much that we’ve learned. For the purpose of squeezing these thoughts out,I’ve decided to write myself a letter that I would hand myself if a time travel machine was to be invented in […]

An interesting point from 0rganic Church Greenh0use Trainings

I was reminded by two good friends here in Gl0be about this illuminating chart that explains key differences between 0rganic and attractional churches:


Cultivating Sowing Tending Growing Harvesting

Att. Churches: Passive Passive Active Active Passive

Org. Churches: Active Active Passive Passive Active


Whether or not 0rganic churches and o.c. leaders follow the […]

Some super insightful thoughts from Ralph Winter on the fragmentation of families and American Church life

I got these quotes from John White’s blog, and it’s pretty darn good — especially considering that it is coming from Ralph Winter (recently past missions guru who started the U.S. Center for World Missions in Pasadena and was the editor of of Mission Frontiers). Winter’s thoughts are worth reading to help us better diagnose […]

Two interesting interviews on 0rganic Church

Keith Giles interviews Neil C0le and Frank Vi0la on their different takes on organic church.

It is very illuminating. It can be found here and here.

And for the record, I’m in greater agreement with what C0le writes than Vi0la.

CMA Organic Church conference in Gl0be, AZ?

After three years in So Cal hotels, Church Multiplication Associates is putting their conference … outdoors… in Gl0be! Huh?

Read about it here in Neil Cole’s blog.

It will still feel a bit like a Christian conference as we will be hearing a few talks from Neil C0le, Dezi B@ker and possibly some others.

But […]

“Doing,” “Running,” and “Being” Church

So today marks the second Sunday where I wasn’t “going to,” “doing” or “running” church [as we know it] since we left pastoral ministry in the Bay area and moved to Arizona, and it’s a weird feeling. Last Sunday morning, I hung out at a cafe with Dez1 and Bryce , talked about pioneer journey […]